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The natural world is very still
Withshort days and long nights
Holly, ivy and cristmas trees
Adorned with fairy lights


The cold earths slowly warming
Bathed in the suns rays
Wintry scenes of frost and snow
Brighten up the days


This is a time of balance
Days becoming longer
With bursting buds and
nesting birds
Sunshine getting stronger


Summer now beginning
Love life as a whole
Gleen leaves, hawthorne, blossom
Dancing around the maypole


The sun is high in the sky
As the year begins to wain
Summer fruits and butterflies
Swallows here again


The sheaves of corn are cut
Standing to attention in the field
This is the time for harvest
As the earth gives up it's yeild


The earth again in balance
As day gives way to night
Dewy mornings with spider webs
Jewels in the light


As darkness overcomes the light
Leaves orange, brown and green
Bonfires, pumpkins, ghosties
Trick or Treat and Halloween

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